Short Fused - FAQ's

Life is hard for a bomb, especially when your fuse is just about ready to go off! In Short Fused you can become any one of the cast of quirky, explosive, and odd ball characters and do your best to avoid enemies, collect puzzle pieces, and use power ups before you explode in an endless showdown against time itself! Don’t let the losers and explosions get you down, though your fuse may be short, your opportunities are endless in this nonstop puzzle game.

I skipped the tutorial at the beginning when I opened the game!  How will I know what to do now?

Fear not! The tutorial can be re-watched.  From the Main Menu just tap on the little gear in the top right corner of the screen. This opens your game options! From there just tap on the “Tutorial” button and you will be shown the tutorial once more.  You may tap on this button and view the tutorial as many times as you want.

Why doesn’t my Character react immediately when I try to change direction?

The Character moves diagonally along a path until you hit a wall, or change direction. Every change in direction has a slight delay.  If you’re having difficulty altering your Character’s direction you should try swiping just before they get to the route you want to take. Swiping in the desired direction as your Character is passing the path will result in your Character not proceeding down the path you intended.

What’s the difference between Arcade and Quest mode?

Arcade mode challenges you to play as long as possible without stopping; you can also collect Coins in this mode!  Quest mode gives you objectives to complete in each level. Completing Quests will award you with Stars. Objectives in each level will vary as you progress through Quest mode.

How do I navigate through the level select screen in Quest mode?

After entering Quest mode you can select a level by tapping on it directly. You can also navigate vertically to higher difficulty levels by swiping on the screen. Once a level has been selected a small window showing the level objectives will appear. Tapping play on this menu will begin the level.

What are objectives? What different objectives are in the game? 

Each level in Quest mode has its own Objectives. These are displayed on the level selection screen, after you select a level. To successfully complete a level you must complete at least one Objective before gathering the Puzzle Pieces. There are four different Objectives in the game:

Time Trial 

The level must be completed in under 25 seconds.

Fruit Basket

Collect the designated number of fruit before completing the level. This number can vary between levels.

Spelling Bee

Collect the letters as they spawn in order to spell a word. Words will vary between levels.


Walking over a tile will paint it. Paint all of the tiles on the level to complete this Objective. 

How do I get Coins?

Coins are primarily collected in Arcade mode. But they can also be collected while playing the bonus levels available in Quest mode. Free Coins are also available every 24 hours by tapping on the bomb that will appear on the bottom left of the Main Menu.

What are Coins used for?

Coins are an in-game currency that can be used for buying power-ups, Characters, and Gacha machine pulls.

What are the bonus levels? How do I play them?

Bonus levels appear every 24 hours and are indicated by the presence of a Gold Star on the level node.  They can be viewed and played from the Quest mode menu.

How do you get a Shield?

You can purchase a Shield for 500 Coins in the Store. You can hold a maximum of 3 Shields at one time. 

What does the Shield do?

The Shield will give you invincibility for 4 seconds.  With this, you will be able to go through any enemies without being hit.

How do you activate the Shield?

While in a level, you can activate the Shield by tapping on the Shield icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Time this correctly to pass right through any nasty enemies in your path!

How do I collect Stars?

You can collect Stars in Quest mode by completing Objectives. The Objectives for each level are displayed during level selection. 

What are the Stars for?

Once you’ve earned enough Stars you will be able to acquire new Characters, and unlock more levels. Doing so does not consume your Stars. You can check how many Stars you have collected by looking at the indicator at the bottom right of the Main Menu and level select screens.

How do you navigate to the store?

In the bottom right corner of the main menu are your current Coin and Shield counters. Tapping on either the Coin counter, or Shield counter will take you to the Store.

Do I have to complete all the Objectives in one play to earn three Stars?

No, you can do one Objective each time you play the level. You can try as many times as necessary in order to receive a perfect three Stars for each level.

How many times can I play a level after I lose?  Do I have a specific amount of lives to use up?

Play as much as you want! There are no lives in Short Fused.

What do all the Characters do? Do they have any special abilities in the game?

Sometimes Characters will be required to complete levels in Quest mode.  Characters are primarily meant to be collected as you go along and do not have any unique abilities.  That said, each Character does have a unique background. Try and collect them all!

What does the flashing “!” in the corner mean?

This means that you either have a free Gacha pull, or you have enough Coins to pay for a pull from the Gacha machine. Only Coins may be used to purchase a Gacha pull. 

Why can’t I buy all of the Characters with Coins?  How do I get the rest of them?

Only some of the Characters can be bought with the Coins received by playing the game.  Some Characters need to be earned by collecting Stars.  Other Characters can only be won through the Gacha machine.

What can be won in the Gacha machine?

The prizes available in the Gacha machine include Coins, Power-Ups, and Characters.  Give it a try and see what you get!

Can I pull a duplicate Character from the Gacha machine?

You’re in luck!  There is no way to pull a duplicate Character from the Gacha machine. Each pull guarantees a chance at a unique Character.

I’ve switched my devices and now all of my progress and Characters are gone!  How do I get it back?

Unfortunately recovering your previous progress and Characters in the game is impossible. All progress in the game is stored on your device and is lost if you uninstall the game, or install it on a new device. 

How do I restore my purchases?

Short Fused only supports the restoration of your 2x Coin multiplier purchase. You can access the “restore” function in the options menu by tapping on the gear icon on the Main Menu. Once you’ve opened the menu, you can tap the “restore” button to begin the purchase restoration process. Then enter the credentials you used to make your initial purchase and you will have your 2x Coin multiplier restored to you.

Still need help?

You can contact the game team here -

Thanks for playing Short Fused!



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I am a text block. Click on me to drag me around or click a corner handle to resize me. Click the settings icon (it's the left one, looks like a cog) to change this text. You can type new text into me or cut and paste text from somewhere else. Click outside of me when you're done and any changes will be saved.